Shure Integrated Systems Certification

The Shure Audio Institute provides an industry-leading source of educational and training material for systems integrators, consultants and AV professionals on Shure products, their application and best practices for getting the most out of the Shure portfolio. 


Level 1 Certification

Who is it for?

Customer-facing individuals from sales-focused to technical professionals who provide their customers and clients comprehensive product information and best practices for applications relating to solutions from the Shure Integrated Systems portfolio. Level 1 Certification is the prerequisite for Level 2 Certification.


·         Audio Basics for Meetings & Conferencing

·         Wireless Basics

·         Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview

·         Selecting the Right Integrated System for the Right Application

·         Networking for AV Professionals – Part 1 (The Basics)

·         Best Practices for Merging AV & IT Systems

·         Final Level 1 Certification Exam


Level 2 Certification

Who is it for?

Experienced AV integrators, installers and technical-focused professionals who understand the challenges of system design, setup and configuration.

·         Conference Room Design Basics

·         Networking for AV Professionals – Part 2 (Merging with the IT World)

·         Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices & Techniques

·         Audinate Dante Digital Audio Networking Certification

·         Final Level 2 Certification Exam



To join the Certification program, please follow these simple steps;

1.    Sign into the portal. If you don’t have an account, create one today

2.    Go to Join Group

3.    Enter the name of the certification group you wish to join

4.    Enter the key

5.    Begin the courses


For anyone who is already familiar with the course material, Shure also offers the opportunity to take the tests without completing the full courses. These, along with the full courses, can be accessed via the group information below.

If you have any queries relating to the Integrated Systems Certification, please contact us via the LMS messaging system.




Integrated Systems Certification - Level 1


Integrated Systems Certification - Level 2


Level 1 Standalone Tests


Level 2 Standalone Tests